Body Care

El Misti, Arequipa, Peru, 2018

Training & Fitness

Having a healthy body is a large part of what will enable you to achieve your life goals. Our bodies go through changes as we age, including shifts in weight, hormonal adjustments, alterations in muscle and bone mass and more.

It is vitally important to insert discipline into this part of your life in the following ways:

Cardio training:

Recent reports have shown that exercise can drastically reduce aging. And not just superficial aging, but down-to-the-core internal organ aging. A sample group of 75 year olds who had been exercising their entire lives showed similar muscle tone to 25 year olds! And their hearts were functioning like those of a 45 year old. It is critical to get your heart pumping regularly. We can help you determine what’s too high or high enough. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been shown to help with fat loss in mature people. Additionally, all cardio helps with circulation, hormone balancing, stress management, toxin release and so much more. We will help you identify ways to infuse this into your week and help you stay accountable.


Strength training has historically gotten a bad rap with women. Images of beefy “man arms” come to mind. But things are changing. Studies have shown that women who resistance train have better bone density (translate: fewer injuries and falls), improved muscle tone (think strapless dress!), and….the best part, strength training elevates metabolism 3x more than cardio training and keeps it elevated 2x longer!! Why would you not want to incorporate this into your life? We will help you develop the right program for you. We promise NO ONE will think you look like a man!


One of the biggest requirements as we age is recovery activities. This means not only time between hard workouts, but also stretching and other potential alternatives like acupuncture, massage, and more. Be certain that this will be a part of our discussion.

Food to Flourish

80% of Health Starts in the Kitchen

Having developed the first nutrition database to make claims on products in grocery stores, healthyAisles™, we are intimately acquainted with food. We understand the FDA requirements as well as the foundation of natural, healthy ingredients and supplements. We are here to help provide transparency into what’s REAL and to craft a nutrition plan uniquely for you.

Food to Flourish Plan Elements


DNA Testing: Each of us is unique with unique nutrition requirements. Sure, there are basic human needs, but we now have science-based technology to determine which foods are best just for you. We offer personalized DNA testing which evaluates many things, including nutrients you are deficient in, where you have opportunities to improve (ie, you’re sensitive to caffeine or sugar) and much more. If interested, we can provide you with a sample of the multi-page report you will receive.


Food Plan: Whether you opt to have a DNA profile completed or not, we can create a personalized plan for real, whole foods which are best for you and that you like


Product Reviews: We will provide candid reviews of grocery products, indicating which are best in each category.


Accountability: We are here to see you through the craving crises, rough moments and plateaus with connection, tips, suggestions and more to keep you on track.

Body Care

Health first. Small changes can have big results. Our aim is more energy to live your life via a more fit body. Both diet and training are essential.


You must have clarity of mind to achieve your goals. Mindfulness starts with SMART goal setting, and resilience re-training for stress and obstacle management.

Soul Sustenance

Your heart is your true north. We will uncover passions to spotlight what lights you up. Connectivity is key as well. In this highly technical world, it is easy to feel isolated. Let’s identify who helps you shine!