Reclaim Your Body, Nepal 2019

Tracking Anissa’s pursuit to optimize her life through body, soul and science 

Reclaim Your Body: Day 12

Well, how do I continue to say “it was the hardest day yet”? Not possible, right? And yet…..I left Tatopani at 9am for the uphill climb; 14 miles later (and 6 hours), I reached Ghorepani, thinking I was truly at the top…

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Reclaim Your Body: Day 11

Today was another challenge of the soul. I had not planned on it but gave myself a stretch goal of hiking to a town called Tatopani, roughly 30 miles away from Marpha where I spent last night….

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Reclaim Your Body: Day 10

Ahhhh…….Awoke in Muktinath, at roughly 15,500 feet feeling much better than the previous day. My headache (a typical reaction to oxygen deprivation) had subsided…

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Reclaim Your Body: Day 9

Summit day! Awoke super early… there was shuffling outside our room from the other trekkers. Most mountain trekkers arise early on summit day and start trekking before dawn…

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Reclaim Your Body: Day 8

Today was a picnic after yesterday’s hurt-fest. I reunited with my traveling companion Marla and we set off for Thorang-Pedi, the lower of the 2 base camps which sits around 15,500 feet…

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Reclaim Your Body: Day 7

Today was possibly the hardest physical feat of my life. I considered for a moment why the day was so hard and realized that it was the uncertainty that made it so. My traveling companion hopped into a jeep…

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Reclaim Your Body: Day 6

This morning I felt a little stiff from yesterday’s 21 mile marathon. Regardless, I had another 18 miles on the agenda today as I needed to get to Chame, a town half way up the Thorang Pass Climb…

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Reclaim Your Body: Day 5

In the Mountains, Day 1 – Brilliant day but extremely hard. We moved incredibly fast, covering 21.5 miles of ground with significant elevation, carrying 30 lbs.

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Reclaim Your Body: Day 4

Today was the first day of trekking. We started in Kathmandu with a toast, potatoes and egg breakfast at 7am. It seemed fine to consume a few more carbs than usual knowing we’d be trekking later in the day…

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Reclaim Your Body: Day 3

Today was about planning and prep. Like anything in life, you can’t reach the top of a mountain by pure will alone. There are many steps involved in preparing to climb an 18,000 foot ascent…

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