Coaching & Inspiring 50+
Women to Live Better, Longer

Through Personalized Lifestyle Planning

Our passion at b.Untethered is helping women find true BLISS in life through optimum health, adventure and challenge.

Your best years can absolutely be ahead!

Holistic Lifestyle Planning & Coaching

You’ve accomplished so much by 50.

You’re learned a lot about living, and yet…

At 50, you can feel like you’re starting all over again. This can be a time of transition. Midlife changes – kids leaving home, career stagnation, bodily changes, relationship shifts – affect us all, in different ways and can leave us feeling less sure of ourselves.

If you need a little help sorting through what’s next, you’re in the right place. We are experts at re-igniting passion, inspiring change, developing goals and setting plans to make things happen. b.Untethered offers Holistic Lifestyle Planning; a process which results in a personalized plan for Mind, Body and Soul to recharge your life!

Body Care

Health first. Small changes can have big results. Our aim is more energy to live your life via a more fit body. Both diet and training are essential.


You must have clarity of mind to achieve your goals. Mindfulness starts with SMART goal setting, and resilience re-training for stress and obstacle management.

Soul Sustenance

Your heart is your true north. We will uncover passions to spotlight what lights you up. Connectivity is key as well. In this highly technical world, it is easy to feel isolated. Let’s identify who helps you shine!

B. Untethered

b.Untethered was founded to provide inspiration (you can do this!) and coaching (here’s how) to help you be the best uniquely you possible.


The Anti-Aging Pill: Does it Work?

 The short answer is, YES. And its called Nicotinamide Riboside (NR). Note: There is no complete answer to this question and, in fact, the jury is still heavily out as to what the full impact of this supplement will be. It is, however, a compound that should be...

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Lunch & Run

 Yum! Lunch after 5 mile run, stair climbing and weight sets. Confession: I added a little brie after the pic 🙂 Local Texas strawberries and balsamic are scrumptious!sharePrevious PostNext PostRecent Posts

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Let’s Hike Peru!

 Our recent trip to Peru was not your typical Peruvian trip. We did not visit Macchu Picchu, nor did we go to Cusco, the capital of the now-defunct Incan Empire. Instead, we took a decidedly different track and planted ourselves in Arequipa, the 2nd largest city...

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Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro: Insights

 Life at 50. I took off 3 years ago with The Brit, an ex-pro cyclist, to travel the world. What an adventure its been. After 30 hours of flying – including a 5 hour layover in Doha, India – we land in Moshi, Tanzania, in East Africa. It is near midnight and...

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Training & Fitness



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