Reclaim Your Body: Day 12

by | Oct 20, 2019


In the Mountains, Day 9

Well, how do I continue to say “it was the hardest day yet”? Not possible, right? And yet…..I left Tatopani at 9am for the uphill climb; 14 miles later (and 6 hours), I reached Ghorepani, thinking I was truly at the top.

Once there, I learned that I needed to climb another mile to Poon Hill. While a mile seems minimal, it feels near impossible after climbing for 6 hours. But, of course, I continued on.

Once at Poon Hill, I thought the path was to exit downhill on the other side. By this point, it was late afternoon and the sun was beginning to set. I started down the trail, feeling like it was a bit narrow (translation: unused) and leading into woods. I continued on for 90 minutes though only to realize I was going down into a valley with no civilization. The only solution: turn and hike back uphill to the top of Poon Hill and back down to Ghorepani where I started my little 1 mile trek. I felt the tears starting to well up…..i was at a point of sheer exhaustion with no other option.

By now it was almost dark, so I donned my head torch to finish the job.

Eventually I reached town, found a hotel, negotiated rates, ordered dinner and showered.

If I had tracked steps on a stair climber yesterday, I must’ve achieved a world record.

Tomorrow I should reach Pokhara and reunite with my traveling friend. The journey will be complete. Anna Purna circuit in 10 days.

Homeward bound by week’s end.

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