Reclaim Your Body: Day 13

by | Oct 21, 2019


In the Mountains, Day 10

The Anna Purna circuit is finished. I likely shall not pass this way again, having summitted twice.

I’m a little confused because all of the literature says the trek ranges between 100-145 miles but when I compiled the distance from my Garmin for all of my days, it totals 169 miles. Could I have been lost or off track for 24 miles lol??

The last day consisted of 3 hours of downward trekking on stone steps….my least favorite type of descension.

I came to a point on the path where there was a hoard of water buffalo. Thankfully, a herder came along and shooed them along. Big guys 🙂 Glad they aren’t carnivores!

At the end of the trek, I hopped a taxi back to Pokhara and fell asleep in the back; I’m not sure how given the incredibly rough terrain.

The night ended with a hot shower, a complete luxury in Nepal, grilled chicken for dinner and sleep on an actual mattress. Aaahhh….the pleasantries of life.

3 more days in Nepal. Tomorrow, we’ll trek to Buddha’s burial temple atop a 2,000 foot hill. Of course.


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