Reclaim Your Body: Day 16

by | Oct 24, 2019


2nd to last day in Nepal. We decided to trek to Nagarkot, one of the highest points in Kathmandu from which to see Mount Everest.

The trail took us through Kathmandu and up a 7,000 foot climb; part on paved road which was (typically) uneven dirt surface. The other part was stone steps, which felt spectacular after 170 miles of mountain climbing (said with sarcasm).

The will to get to the top came from knowledge that today was the very last opportunity (for a while) to climb in the Himalayas. Unfortunately by the time we reached the top, the scene was lost to fog (and my legs were properly shot).

We decided to hop a local bus back down and grabbed a quick dinner of Dahl bhat, the local cuisine consisting of rice, greens, lentils and sauce.

After dinner, we hit the Kathmandu night club scene where I became an instant phenomena due to the blonde hair.  I wish it had been so simple to grab dance floor attention my whole life! I had a blast dancing with the 20-something girls and learning new moves. Their bodies definitely looked a lot more graceful so thankfully there was no paparazzi, lol.

We wrapped it up at 1:30am, knowing we’d left everything on the floor…both mountain and dance floor references.

Tomorrow, we depart at night for a red eye back to Doha, Qatar, then Dallas and ultimately Austin.

Sad to leave, but certainly more adventures will come…

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