Reclaim Your Body: Day 17

by | Oct 26, 2019


What inspires you?

Do you know?

The definition, in my mind, is something that you can lose yourself in for hours;  where you forget to eat; it’s something that lights a fire in your gut and compels you to get up and take action.

So, again, what inspires you?

Could you make a list of 5 things if you had to?

5 years ago, I had no idea that trekking or cycling long distances or completing triathlon events were a source of inspiration for me.

But I took a chance, and leapt into something completely new.

I found I am inspired by physical challenge; by the idea of seeing how much my body can handle.

Having summitted four 18-19k peaks now, I’m ready….no, inspired… take on more.

How about you?

Is there something fairly top of mind that gets you excited?

Don’t limit yourself. NOW is the time to start sketching a plan.

Start small. If you want to walk the Appalachian Trail some day, start by walking 5 miles three times per week.

Find support. Maybe that’s a friend with a similar passion? I have found support through a triathlon racing team. The people and environment inspire me to show up and do the work.

Do not be intimidated or afraid of what others think. No one cares what you look like or how you perform except you. If they do happen to judge you, then they’re not your people.

What’s more important is that you get out and find joy in life doing what you like.

People can also inspire us. In Kathmandu, there is an organization called Women’s Skills Development Organization (WSDO). They exist to provide employment for Nepalese women who have no other means of employment. Many times these women have been left through divorce; cast aside in a society that disgraces those who divorce.

Attached are pictures of goods that WSDO make… brilliant quality bags, scarves, home furnishings and more. This too inspires me to take action….to find ways to market these goods….to help grow sales and bring prosperity to women who’ve been handed an unfair deal.

Decide today to break out of your rut and believe that life can be more than the same three-way drive between home, work and the grocery store.

Make a change….do something that inspires you.

At the worst, you’ll learn something about yourself and at best you’ll discover something that can be a life long passion.

Let yourself be inspired.

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