Soul Sustenance

Buddha Burial place, Pokhara, Nepal, 2016

Your soul is the true essence of you. The challenge many of us have is listening to it, through all of the clutter in our lives. Soulfulness is learning to listen to those things that inspire and feed us. Our soul is that inner voice that speaks to tell us what makes us happy; what feels good……and what doesn’t feel so right. What is it that ignites your passion…that makes your heart sing? Is it being in nature? Helping disadvantaged people? Traveling to unknown places? Rescuing a homeless animal? Dig into your soul and let it tell you what you should be doing. If you’re finding difficulty listening to your voice, we will provide you with exercises to weed through the negative or “practical” layers that make you believe you shouldn’t.

Deliverable: A custom plan for soulful key elements, missing in your life


It is key to everyone’s life. Do you have people you can rely on? Will they be there through anything? Its easier to keep things to yourself sometimes, but that isn’t always in your best interest. Connectivity with others can be key to helping you navigate changes in life more easily.


What keeps us young is learning and growth. Adventure provides this. The definition is “an unusual or exciting experience or activity”. We are all about Adventure at BU and have opportunities for retreats and trips where you can join in. A simpler path is to try something outside your comfort zone. We are here to support and help.


There are many ways to define this. What does it mean to you? How important is it and do you feel fulfilled? If not, lets find a way to reconnect in this area.

Body Care

Health first. Small changes can have big results. Our aim is more energy to live your life via a more fit body. Both diet and training are essential.


You must have clarity of mind to achieve your goals. Mindfulness starts with SMART goal setting, and resilience re-training for stress and obstacle management.

Soul Sustenance

Your heart is your true north. We will uncover passions to spotlight what lights you up. Connectivity is key as well. In this highly technical world, it is easy to feel isolated. Let’s identify who helps you shine!