The Bee

Bees are vital to human existence. In fact, man could not survive, if bees became extinct. The bee symbolizes many of our beliefs at b.Untethered.

Minimize Our Limitations.

The bee is not aerodynamically built for flying, but doesn’t know it. It just flies. We too can do great things if we don’t focus on the reasons we can’t.
Life Lesson: Remove the word “impossible” from your mind and see what you’re capable of. What is it that you think “I Could Never Do That?”

Connect to Others.

We can learn so much from others if we open our minds. When I hiked the Himalayas, I was in the best shape of my life. I had just completed a full Ironman event (140.6 miles of triathlon). While in the mountains, a 60 year old woman practically ran past me on the climb, with a 60 lb bag of rice on her back, wearing thin rubber sandals. In bee life, the bee moves from flower to flower, carrying pollen from one to the next. Through this process, seed and fruit production are enabled and life is given. The bee lesson spotlights the interconnectedness of all living things. We need each other, even though we may not always know why.
Life Lesson: The Himalayan woman taught me that age is only a limitation if we let it be. What lessons can we learn from others around the world, maybe even those viewed as less privileged or educated? How can they improve our lives?


The bee symbolizes rebirth in the Hindu culture. You can renew as well. Find those things that ignite your soul and prioritize them. What are you waiting for? Reflect on things that allow you to lose yourself in time. It’s not important what others think; just what makes you feel good.
Life Lesson: Remember, Colonel Sanders and Julia Child didn’t discover their passions until after they turned 50. What passions are you overlooking right now? What is holding you back?


The bee is one of earth’s most productive beings, and does so using a strict hierarchy for efficiency. We too can learn to be smart about how we work, and then, like the bee, “smell the flowers along the way”.
Life Lesson: A recent study clarified that love is the #1 thing that improves people’s happiness. Not things, not money, not power. Be sure to balance life with time for connections with those who bring you smiles and laughter.